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Looking to generate high-quality leads for your coaching business? Well, we offer

20 High-Quality Coaching Leads in the next 30 days - Guaranteed Result

 We will generate leads and work your leads for you. Guaranteed results in the next 30 days, or we work for free until we get you the promised result.

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Is this done for you lead gen service


Yes! This Service Is For You, Especially If…

If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then YES, this done-for-you lead generation service is for you.

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…and I’ll show you, a step-by-step process of how to generate high-quality leads consistently ” for you, your business, and scale it faster than you ever thought possible

How much extra can you make with 20 leads a month?

$5,000...$10,000, $25,000 or More?

Sumant Patra,
Founder at Winfluency

From: Sumant Patra

Dear Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators,

Lemme guess…

You’re probably not happy with the number or quality of leads you’re getting for your coaching business and looking to improve it. Or maybe you already have some paid marketing campaigns running but you still can’t get quality leads consistently.

As you know, in order to scale your profit and grow your business, you need high-quality leads on a consistent basis.

Despite knowing the importance of lead generation and marketing, most coaches just rely on their network or some inconsistence lead sources like Yelp or Google Business. As a result, they get stuck and it massively affects their business and personal lives.

So, if you’re not getting as many leads as you want, it means you don’t have a proven system in place to generate leads, in short, you’re not marketing enough with the right offer to the right audience. As a result, your potential customers are ignorant of your existence.

So, I have come up with a pay-for-show lead generation offer, where we guarantee 20+ high-quality leads every month, or you don’t pay us anything. We’ll build a lead generation system for your business with the help of a High-converting landing page, an Irresistible offer, and Paid ad campaigns. I’ll also help you close those leads by handing you a super simple but proven “Sales Script” and a “Word-for-word objection handing script”.

This lead generation system is the best solution to…

“Let’s get into the details how this partnership works, and how we’ll set this system for you… so you can create a “Snow Ball” effect of exclusive leads in your coaching business…

Step 1: Irresistible Offer

Step 2: Sales Funnel / Landing Page

Step 3: Exclusive Lead Generation Campaigns

“That’s not all. I will also provide all the best practices from other businesses like yours.

…and everything else you need to sell and fulfill your customers. In a nutshell, I’m feeding people into your business, showing you exactly how to sell them, so that you can make the most money possible…Sound fair enough?

The same lead generation method is being used by some of the biggest names including Grant Cardone, Dan Kennedy, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, dan Lok, Russell Brunson, Brooke Castillo, and a TON more!

Well, because of the nature of this offer and the 1-on-1 time it will take us to build out all these campaigns for you, we can only take on a certain number of clients every single month. Just know that there is a limited spot available. So take action now. Looking forward to seeing you as my next big client success.

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Don’t let another day go by without taking action to transform your coaching business. Let’s work together to unlock your full potential and take your practice to new heights.

Here's what you can expect from working with us

Service #1

Done-for-you lead gen service

(Guaranteed 10 high-quality leads a month)

One-on-one Lead gen services where we take care of all the marketing activities for you and share the leads details with you

Service #2

A high-converting landing page

(Proven landing page with the copy for best conversion)

To boost your conversion rate, we build you a proven multi-page high ticket funnel:

Bonus #1

Irresistible offer creation formula

(A checklist to help you craft irresistible offers)

A step-by-step guide to creating an irresistible offer in 2024 that actually stands out and get people to buy your solution

Bonus #2

A proven sales script

(To help you close sales in your first conversation)

This will be helpful if you’re selling high-ticket coaching programs and need a proven way to close deals on the phone:

Bonus #3

Word-for-word objection handling

(Handle the toughest objections they give you and close)

How many times did your prospect say to you “I will get back to you” and you never heard from them again? So, this script shows that “exactly” to say to handle sale objections and close the deal

Bonus #4

Recurring revenue model checklist

(5 Ways to create recurring revenue in your business)

Recurring revenue model that can help you grow your business faster in any market condition

But Hurry! We're Filling Up Fast...

Because of the nature of this business and the 1-on-1 time it takes to create offers, set up the campaigns, and build funnels, we can only take on a certain amount of clients each month

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Setting up campaigns and funnels will take about two weeks and you can see results in the next two weeks.

Well, if you don’t get the promised result in 30 days of running the campaigns, you get another month of service for absolutely free of cost.

Our price is kind of a special introductory offer and we’re so confident that once you experience the truly amazing service we provide, you’ll be a raving fan of our company and a customer for life.

It’s a done for you service. So there are only a few details and access we need to get started, which we’re gonna discuss during the convesation